Simple, Affordable,
Amazingly fun magic activities!

Magic Explorers helps kids make friends, feel special, and learn cool things about themselves and the world around them.

Our Magic Activity Packs, or MAPs, are a mixture of magic meets arts and crafts with a splash of social emotional learning!

The magic makes the fun happen and the fun makes learning easy!

Magic Explorers is currently only available in select markets through our network of Professional Magicians if you would like to become one of our "Builders" or "Leaders" and get early access to the MAPs and all the supplemental content it is EASY -  You can join the club for a limited time. (Until Aug 8th 2022) at either level and get everything you need to start growing a new business or your existing business right away.

NOTE:  while these are great for running summer camps - you do not need to teach camps yourself - This program is simple and can be taught by non magicians! 

As a club member you will get:

Marketing Materials
Training manual
Sample MAPS right away
More Maps later this year
And a monthly email with updates on the program!

Plus you will get a 20% or 40% discount on MAPS until 2024 (depending on what level you join at.

Most importantly will have the opportunity to shape the future of the program by participating in contest and and submitting content ideas
The first Key we teach kids is to Make it Fun - so if you are ready to join in the fun you can do it now by selecting a package below!